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Massage & Body Treatments

In need of relaxation, craving for supple soft and well hydrated skin, in need of redefining your silhouette and to increase the firmness and tone of your skin, whether you have only 30 minutes or several hours, your certified Yonka technician can recommend the aromatic treatment that is best suited to your needs and expectations , both in the Salon and at home.

Relaxing Massage

Yon-ka Massage

Full Body Massage 60mins 


Relaxing Massage with 100% Exclusive Yo-Ka Techniques.


Tonifying Massage with Bamboo Sculpting Techniques on Legs.


Relaxing and Leisuring Massage with Hot Stones Techniques on the Back. 


Re-Balancing Massage with Energizing Digitopressure Techniques on Hands & Feet.

Hot Stone Massage 

A full body massage with hot stones which helps to induce a deep state of relaxation through the weight of the stones. You will have no choice but to relax.

Yon-Ka Technique Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 30mins £25.00

Hot Stone 30mins Back Massage £30.00


Comfort Zone Body Treatments

60mins £40.00

Himalayan Salt Detox 

This Treatment Proceeds with an Exhilarating Salt Scrub, a Combination of the Precious Pink Himalayan Salt with a Nourishing Aromatic Oil to Completely Detoxify the Body, Ease Aches and Pains, Stimulate the Metabolism and Restore Vitality and Balance.

Tranquillity Pro Sleep Massage 

inspired by the Indonesian Sea Malay Massage, this Exceptional Ritual Acts in Synergy with our Tranquillity Sound and Essential Oil Blend to Effectively Induce a State of Deep Rest for Both the Body and Mind.

New Life, New Mum 

This Treatment Gently Reduces the added Physical Stress and Fatigue Associated with Pregnancy. A Full Body Massage including Face and Scalp Massage, Relieve Natural Anxiety to help Prepare the Mind and Body for Labour and Child Birth.

Lower Body

Yon-Ka Scrub

Yon-Ka Energising Full Body Scrubs will leave the Skin Soft and Satin Smooth. Invigoration Exfoliation with Marine Salts and Essential Oils.

Gommage Douceur 

Gentle SWcrub with Bamboo Powder & Apricot Kernels 

Gommage Gourmand 

Nourishing Scrub with 2 Sugars 

Gommage Marin 

Remineralizing Scrub with Sea Salt 


Wellness Escapes, Aroma Fusion

Reconnecting with yourself and letting go is the whole experience of a Yon-Ka face or body care journey.
Aromatic and sensorial, holistic and personalised, each skincare ritual combines the olfactory signature of the brand, the art and expertise of chiselled protocols, active ingredients with proven effectiveness and the skill of Yon-Ka certified professionals.
Your skin regains its vital energy and freshness, your tensions dissipate, you feel good, in harmony with yourself and your environment.
We Guarantee you a Unique, Indulgent and Customized Yon-Ka Treatment Experience Every Time you Visit. 
60mins £45.00 Add on Scrub 90mins £60.00

Fusion Escape Getaway to Provence  

The re-balancing and calming effect of the iconic essential oils of Provence: Lavender and Everlasting. A gentle scrub, combined with a relaxing and detoxifying massage, for a harmonizing journey.

Fusion Escape Getaway to the Forest 

A re-energizing breath of fresh air with essential oils of Cedar and Cypress inspired by French forests. This invigorating experience includes an intense salt scrub, followed by a sculpting bamboo-based leg massage for a renewed feeling of lightness and well-being.

Aroma Fusion Escapes - Corsica 

Corsica's fruity fragrances and its revitalizing Mandarin and Sweet Orange notes. A sweet gourmet scrub, combined with a re-balancing massage to awaken your senses, free you from stress, fight against physical and mental fatigue and recover energy levels.

Body Measurements

MiniMi Inch Loss Body Wrap

Course of 4 ££160.00

The advanced technology used in the minimi solution, breaks down fat cells resulting in a reduction of fat and inches from those difficult areas on the body.

  • Targets fat reduction in specific problem areas

  • Permanent fat loss not fluid !

  • Results seen in a hour

  • Fat reduction continues for up to 72 hours

  • Improves skin tone, tightens and firms

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite

  • Drop a dress size in a single treatment !

For maximum results we recommend a six week course. There is no need to have shower facilities, as solution remains in the skin, and active, for 3 days

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